Journey to the stage

On a beautiful evening, I got a call from Aparna a good friend and volunteer of Amrithavarshini Charitable Society saying, you are supposed to give a talk at Technopark for an event called  ‘Creative Rebel.’ One half of me said, “go for it, awareness is the key ingredient to manifest your dream about OI” and the other half of me said, “Dhanya don’t go, it’s not like how you talk to your friend, a lot of people are going to be present there.”

The day came – I reached Trivandrum with the talk script written by Lathaunty. Stayed at Sharath uncle’s flat and that’s when aunty told me a person named Bijoy will come, he is trainer professionally and a coach for speakers. She said, he is a very nice mole, he has agreed to support you without taking any payment.

Just before the tension full day, during the noon Bejoy uncle came and for two long hours, he was telling me the dos and donts- talking about the stage fear, voice modulation etc. Post that lathaunty also groomed me.
I was still a clueless creature. Next day morning I reached the venue, and met a couple of my friends which actually was a sigh of relief. They called out my name, I got sorted at the stage and the moment dad left me and went down, I felt like a nursery kid who is being left alone. I somehow gathered some courage and started my talk, however, when I saw Sasikumar uncle, I again froze for a moment and completed it within 15 minutes of time.

From then Bijoy uncle and I exchange emails often, he encourages me for the little things I do. Recently he posted about me on his blog, sharing it here (please click on the image).

Gratitude and much love to Aparna, Lathaunty, Bijoy uncle, Dhanya and Murali.




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