GAAD event and Helen Keller Day celebrations at Mitra Jyothi

Yesterday I had this beautiful opportunity to be part of the #GAAD event and Helen Keller Day celebrations at Mitra Jyothi founded by Madhu Singal. We had a great discussion about the disability community in our country; our challenges and the changing aspect in India.
Some of the people I met there had some valuable thoughts around inclusion and they live beyond their disability. Most of the supports and volunteers open doors for a lot many people across the disability spectrum. I was moved by them because they truly carry a purposeful outlook and help solve social challenges in their best methods.
Sharing a small story that brought a significant change!
And #Satya please let Vasu sir know I completed the homework. 🙂
A couple of months back, I had teamed up for an inclusive theatre performance managed by One Step at a Time. So during the practice session at UWA New Thippasandra, my artist mates and the people around used to lift me, along with my BMW inside the practice hall.
Post our practice session, I and Hema had requested the management of the centre to make the space accessible. Within a couple of months, I received a call from them by saying, the hall is accessible now!
Unfortunately, I could not visit the space after they made it accessible and yesterday right after the event I went there and expressed my gratitude in person to Malini aunty and took some snaps so I could post it here.
We really do not know when things would change around us but if each one of us takes initiative and be more responsible it is sure to provide equal opportunity to persons with disabilities to participate in all the aspects of life and live independently.
Satya it is people like you that make our life more meaningful and pleasant. ❤ 
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kanne kalaimane |World Music Day

When music makers across the globe band together on June 21 to celebrate World Music Day.

I wish to share a story (moment) what I have experienced.
A couple of years back for the very first I had attended Balu Ji’s musical concert @ ECA, Bangalore. During that time he does not know anything about me. Who I’m, where I come from, what I do etc…All he knows is that I’m enthusiastically waiting to witness his musical concert. I was sited on the 3rd row from the stage.

A recital piece

From the past few years with the grace of almighty I was able to pen down my love for OI and how my disability moulds me – I tried to write down a true reflection of my own world.
A recital piece is what I wrote this year on Wishbone day.
Thank you Gopi Karelia and TheBetterIndia for featuring me on wishbone day
Gratitude and love to my mentors, peers and family for having me in your life.
*My Wishbone day, my way
Because awareness makes a difference.* –
The Recital

The Test Dose

I’m very excited to share the first #shortfilm by #JerinJames,
I was fortunate to write the subtitles for the same 🙂
Thank you Arun and Jerin for this wonderful opportunity!
I appreciate you for the encouragement and for the trust you showered upon me ☺️ May we continue creating magical things together! 🙌💪
The test dose

My disability taught me to unlock my potential – My Take by Dhanya Ravi

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 5.16.19 PMNewzHook has always amazed me for driving a web-accessible online portal.

Here is a feature about me on ‘My Take’

Thank you Gayatri and Ramya. 


This strength will help you persevere through the rough patches of life and face each challenge as an invitation to learn.



Sensed a great joy to be part of this fundraising event hosted by Compassionate Hearts Network to support and empower Adoor, Kerala. 
Thank you to the Indian community in Boston for making me feel comfortable and meeting a few of you in person whom I was in touch through online all this while was a complete joyride. 
Thank you for inviting me, It was also a great moment for me to share my insights on how I whirl with my life and spread awareness.

Meanwhile, today I’m embarrassing a bravery act here, sharing the video I addressed at the event. 😁

I believe what we truly treasure cannot be measured and connecting with you both Sindhu chechi and Santhosh yettan is one of the same.

Let her go and she shall fly!

Thanks for all the sweet gestures shown towards me.
I believe every single day is ours and a better tomorrow comes only when we have the willingness to be the change makers!
After all, we’re all more than what we’re told we are.
Let’s gracefully embrace our scars and dare to break barriers and build together inclusive societies for all!
Here is the digital copy of the feature that was published on March edition Vanitha magazine.
English translation is out onmanorama (Please don’t wonder while you read, there are few edits to be done by them):
Thank you, Anjan, Shyama, #Sreekanth and Rose, the article wouldn’t have been this good without you 🙂

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The Story Of Colors By Anita Abraham

More power to you Anita ❣️
#bangalore #painting #art #colors #uniquetimes


The maestro’s magic touch

Music has been my dearest friend and healer. I vividly remember the days I used to lie on my bed feeling the pain of my broken bones being caressed by the soulful music of A.R. Rahman. I used to wonder if it’s too high an expectation to dream of attending his live concert one day.

Time proved me to be lucky and I finally got a chance to experience a live concert by the mastero. To say the least about the concert, I was awestruck.
Full moon just above my head, Bangalore’s cold breeze and the magic of the Oscar-winner’s mesmerizing fingers on the keyboard accompanied by other top artists stole my heart.
Shweta Mohan chechi and Sujatha Mohan aunty, this wouldn’t have happened without your love and kindness 🙂
Thank you Seshma Rajesh and Arjun for suffering me, more power to you.. may you live a long life with this kuttiboodam 

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Malargal ketten vaname thandhanai


Earlier I had shared one of the best moment (video) that had happened to me at India Inclusion Summit. There were a few priceless moments as well but my mobile lens failed to capture. However, Here are some of the beautiful moments captured (mobile clicks hence clarity isn’t great). But I believe it’s the people and those moments that make it priceless more than any pixel!
More power to the entire team of #IndiaInclusionSummit💪

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Dhanya’s spirited journey from the pain of broken bones to national award glory…

I thank media Mathrubhumi, Asianet News and Manorama Online for featuring my story of the great honour I received recently. As we lack in awareness about the genetic disease I believe these stories will help in creating a change in #India at least in a small way.




session at @schneiderelectric

Had a wonderful experience at @schneiderelectric on the inclusion of persons with disability. I was able to connect with many and hear some inspiring stories.

Thank you #madhumithavenkataraman



With the grace of God, I’m glad to share on the #internationaldisabilityday I have received National Award for Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, MSJE , 2018 (Role Model Category) by Ministry of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. The Award was conferred by Honourable Vice President of India Shri M Venkaiah Naidu.


<3 and gratitude

Though I feel immense joy in receiving the award, what made my day special is the love of these wonderful souls who joined me at the award function. I feel privileged to receive such love and warmth from each one of you. I am glad we managed to capture the moment into this frame. 💕 and gratitude.


Thank you Barkha and team for inviting me to ‘We The Women‘ event. It was a pleasure, being part of it with such wonderful people. I feel extremely happy that I got an opportunity to speak about the rare diseases to a wider audience from various parts of our country and abroad.
Here is the glimpse of the session:


The little girl’s desire

It’s been four long years I have been waiting for this moment…!

Which means, 1460 days approximately (just tried my mathematical skill) 😀
Struggles and challenges have always been my asset. But Like how I always believe in that special power. With gratitude, the mighty strength always gave me the best of best moments in my life. Before the day ends, let me share the joy!
The fun-fun moment photographs I shall share in the following days.
Music always plays a major role in my life, I do not think I would ignore my love for these two songs even after my death (film song) Kalippattamayi Kanmani and Malargal Kaettaen. 😀 Whoo…hoooo!!!! Today after a looooooooooong wait, it happened!

India Inclusion Summit became that special platform for my desire come true.

Click to watch the video: Facebook upload

Thank you, team,… #iis2018 for the day to REMEMBER!
❤ and gratitude to #Vijayanuncle and Chithra aunty


Here is an article, wonderfully written about me by Yesoda Bhargava (team Indian Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation IOIF). 
Click here to read:

Thank you, Archana 


The small gist of joy

Life has showered me with blessings in ways I can’t express gratitude for. Today, I am humbled with one such blessing, and I feel immense joy and gratitude to let you know that I am conferred with the National Award for Empowerment of People with Disability – under the category ‘Role Model.’ 
I wish to consider this Award as a tribute to my grandparents and all those beautiful souls who were born with the rare disease and is not among us.
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India for nominating me.


Words are not enough to express my gratitude to my family, friends, healers, mentors and all the NGOs I’m associated with. Thank you Anagha for this beautiful illustration 🙂 

When A Special Child Ask Sadhguru At IIM, Bangalore

The video conversation of  Youthandtruth is published on youtube by iWeedastic

During this moment I express my sincere gratitude to you Sadhguru Ji for such a thoughtful gift. It really means a lot to receive this portrait directly from you. It was a lovely surprise!

Untitled design

Tales from #blrlitfest18

The magic of #bluecolor💙

Thank you so much for taking time out to share this and support me on my mission of spreading awareness on rare diseases.

You being an inspiration to many, I am sure this post would reach many and make them aware of conditions such as mine (osteogenesis imperfecta).
I am humbled by your kindness and is always in appreciation of your good work. Wishing you all the best for spreading the light of wisdom.

Thanks once again. I can see the dream of #InclusiveIndia is not far away.


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PC: Pushpa preeya
#bangaloreliteraturefestival #blrlitfest #justgotfeatured

All About Vaishali’s Art Cart

Glad to cover a story from Vaishali’s Art-Cart for Unique times online portal.

Thank you, Vaishali for your time! 🙂

Read the stats and know how you can help at

#Explainervideo, perfectholidayz

😇🙏 Here sharing another Explainer video I worked with #appleboxdotmedia,, thank you Arun 🙂

Is your smartphone an idot box or smart gen gadget?

Delighted to write another article for the newsletter.
Thank you for this opportunity Sanjitha Saleem


YourQuote Open Mics

Sharing one of my shy full moment! 🤭
For the first time, I was part of YourQuote Open Mics 
and with all courage, I recited ‘Our Own Country’ poem. Words are never enough for the support I received from the Team and participates… Thank you!



A dad who went above and beyond for his daughter

Once we start to portray the reality nothing actually speaks from darker shades, here is one such story

HappyBirthdayMy Love

When the mystic quote came miraculously

It’s almost like getting the moon on my palm!
Super blessed to have had conquered this moment.
It’s yet another moment, where I was able to let people know about OI and rare disease…
I totally enjoyed being part of the #UnplugWithSadhguru program.
Thanking the Sadhguru Ji, team Isha Foundation and IIM Bangalore for being so nice!



Yes…marching out for more #inclusion!!!!

Oorjitha And Her Paper Artistry

When many youngsters are behind gadgets, here is a story of Oorjitha And Her Paper Artistry

Put your hands together and feel the impulse of OIz

I Broke My bones But My Bones Couldn’t Break Me – Matter Of Thought

I am sure most of you would agree with the saying because when my life throws a lot of strange situations, I had to sense every situation sensitively and it is between the situation and space I found the beauty of courage.
Today I’m very much excited to see my good friend Archana taking that rare step of courage to start up an NGO called Indian-Osteogenesis-Imperfecta-Foundation.

It is time for us to speak up, claim our rights and set ourselves free!

Thank you so much team IOIF for the invite, it was lovely to meet few of them again and some the new faces too… Best wishes to the entire team of IOIF!

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The rarest step by Sanjay

Just like the saying by Henri Matisse “Creativity takes courage” not everyone posses to be courageous in following their passion along with their profession. And it is even more courageous and rare when someone portrays my “Face” 🙂

Sharing one of the drawings gifted to me by Sanjay Kumar, who works at a private company in Palakkad, Kerala. I happened to meet him through Amrithavarshini Charitable Society. I have always seen Sanjay drawing celebrities photos, glad I became one of his choices to draw.


Cronie Dhanya at #Creativecronies

Thank you for featuring about me Creative Cronies, it’s a pleasure to be on board with you Cheryl.

Dhanya Ravi
I got to say, I learnt digital marketing from you or still learning. You always gave me the freedom to art my content. 🙏🏻
Exciting to know more about you through


Love Of My Life

Thank you team CADRRE for inviting me to the conference and for giving me the opportunity to talk about the “Love Of My Life” and my journey so far.
As I mentioned before, such organisations and conferences, which are inclusive in nature, boost the confidence of people with disability and their family.
I felt so humbled to meet so many wonderful souls from around the globe. I truly felt honored to have the gift crafted by the kids from #Cadrre. More power to you Vijaya Raghavan uncle!
The staffs/volunteers, I need to say, you are perfect role models for today’s youth.
Thank you, Sindhu chechi, Anila and Suneesh for coming over

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The greatest freedom is the freedom, one gets to surround themselves with those who actually gives you the freedom to be what you are.

I was glad to be part of the #Freedomfest event on #Aug15 hosted by Enable Community, Tandav – Dance for Good and
Smileys. I went there primarily because I was keen to watch Prathap’s and Dinesh’s dance. Sometimes life goes beyond our plan and expectation. Apparently, I got the opportunity to meet Vishnu, #Vidhushi, Easwaran and Shanti mam.

I always wanted to meet Shanti mam one day, because rarely one initiative to manage an NGO being inspired by their sibling.

More power to all of you, thank you Mentor Kausalya for the support!!!

PC🙏: Abhilash Reddy 🙂

How to find true happiness!

Delighted to write a small piece of my belief for the www.thedaybreak.innewsletter.
Thank you for this opportunity Sanjitha Saleem – great learning and sharing 🙂



Yeeahh… Here is yet another blissful moment!🙌

The 4th edition of BookstalkistMag is out. I thank team BookStalkist for giving me an opportunity to contribute a #poem of mine.
Readers can grab their copy of #magazine from #instamojo



Journey to the stage

On a beautiful evening, I got a call from Aparna a good friend and volunteer of Amrithavarshini Charitable Society saying, you are supposed to give a talk at Technopark for an event called  ‘Creative Rebel.’ One half of me said, “go for it, awareness is the key ingredient to manifest your dream about OI” and the other half of me said, “Dhanya don’t go, it’s not like how you talk to your friend, a lot of people are going to be present there.”

The day came – I reached Trivandrum with the talk script written by Lathaunty. Stayed at Sharath uncle’s flat and that’s when aunty told me a person named Bijoy will come, he is trainer professionally and a coach for speakers. She said, he is a very nice mole, he has agreed to support you without taking any payment.

Just before the tension full day, during the noon Bejoy uncle came and for two long hours, he was telling me the dos and donts- talking about the stage fear, voice modulation etc. Post that lathaunty also groomed me.
I was still a clueless creature. Next day morning I reached the venue, and met a couple of my friends which actually was a sigh of relief. They called out my name, I got sorted at the stage and the moment dad left me and went down, I felt like a nursery kid who is being left alone. I somehow gathered some courage and started my talk, however, when I saw Sasikumar uncle, I again froze for a moment and completed it within 15 minutes of time.

From then Bijoy uncle and I exchange emails often, he encourages me for the little things I do. Recently he posted about me on his blog, sharing it here (please click on the image).

Gratitude and much love to Aparna, Lathaunty, Bijoy uncle, Dhanya and Murali.



Fly With Us – #WishboneDay 2018

As wishbone day is around the corner, Admin’s of Aamrithavarshini Charitable Society had planned a competition within the organization – among us (members).
It’s like this,
They had picked 8 members has leaders and each leader had to make a magazine by collecting stories/articles/art etc from their group members. So, this year I’m the leader for members at Trivandrum.
FlY WITH US is the magazine I and my team members created.
First time I’m doing something in a competitive spirit, it was interesting and challenging. Obviously with a lot of blunders too.😅
Happy to say our magazine won three prizes. 💃
  1. Best Cover
  2. Best Artist
  3. Special jury award
Expressing my gratitude to the entire Team of Amrithavarshini and my friends
who help me with this magazine.

Click to read the complete result.

Creative Advertising (1)
Congratulation to my friends at Amrithavarshini and Gratitude to Amrithavarshini admin and supports for giving me this opportunity…

Kismath yennu onnudu mone.. ayine thadukkan aarkkum pattula

Paulo Coelho was right in saying, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

I am not the easiest one to get convinced. But yesterday I had no choice when I got to meet DQ, the one I adored and wished to meet all these years.

Thank you Universe, you kept my trust intact.

I have been complimented by many for my smile and positive energy, latest to the list was DQ himself. But little does he or these people know, I owe it to people like him who has healed me through their work.

Nothing has helped me in my healing process as much as music and movies. And that’s why I fail to articulate my joy in meeting my favorite actor.

Thank you so much, DQ chetta for taking out time to meet me. And I am grateful for the support you showed towards my mission of spreading awareness about Osteogenesis Imperfecta, through our NGO Amrithavarshini.


Much love to Nimmy!


My father accompanied me to BLF 2016 (Bangalore Literature Festival) today. I was excited to be able to hear ‘Premila Paul in conversation with Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth Dhanush‘. Personally, I’ve always been inspired by the way Aishwarya brings her larger than life stories to the common man. After all who doesn’t love listening to  RajiniKath stories. Of course, I was little nervous and had the familiar butterflies wondering how she would be. Thanks to Viju chettan for making it all possible. As you already know how crazy I am when it comes to the people I adore.

I just thought of sharing here one of the question I personally liked of which Premila Paul asked Aishwarya about an event where, Dhanush had said: “My wife is, even more, simpler than my father-in-law” and is it true?

Aishwarya responded, He probably said so because he had to.. 😀 and she continued, that there is no one, in turn, to be as simple as her dad but we grew up seeing them (parents) and we just imbibed it. Their expressions and attitudes naturally extended into her.

I believe the whole success story comes. When a child is able to accept and understand the limitations that get imposed on their relationship with their parent owing to their busy lifestyle and the parents, in turn, are sensitive to how the child is coping with the limelight.

It was refreshing to see how relationships need not always fall victim to the trappings of luxury and amidst all the glitz and glamor, they managed to inspire creativity and free thinking in their daughters.


ദീപ്തം, ബോസ്റ്റൺ കൊളുത്തിയ ഈ സ്നേഹദീപം

An article featured about #Snehadeepam fundraising event organised for Deepti Special School and Rehabilitation Centre by #CHN on Manorama online by Sindhu Chechi.

Also, sharing some vibrant photographs of the event captured by us and Deepa Jacob ❣️

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